Prepayment Penalty Definition

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What is PREPAYMENT? definition of. – Definition of PREPAYMENT: Early mortgage payment due to the sale of the home or refinancing to get a better interest rate. Refer to model and speed.

Prepayment definition by Babylon’s free dictionary – PREPAYMENT PENALTY A penalty under a note, mortgage, or deed of trust, imposed when the loan is paid before it is due.

Prepayment Penalty Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc. – Prepayment Penalty Law and legal definition prepayment penalty is a charge assessed against a borrower who elects to pay off a loan before it is due. It is a fee that a lender may assess if a borrower repays a loan before the scheduled maturity.

CRG’s Exotic Loan Covenants Put Synergy On The Verge Of. – The loan carries up to a 40% prepayment penalty which goes down to 32.5% after the fourth payment date and 22.5% after the eighth payment date and 12.5% after the twelfth payment until it goes to.

What is Prepayment Penalty? definition and meaning – Definition. A penalty sometimes charged to a borrower who makes a prepayment.

Pre-Payment Penalty financial definition of Pre-Payment Penalty – Prepayment Penalty. A charge imposed by the lender if the borrower pays off the loan early. The charge is usually expressed as a percent of the loan balance at the time of prepayment or a specified number of months’ interest. Some part of the balance, usually 20%, can be prepaid without penalty.

Prepayment Penalties Definition – OppLoans – A prepayment penalty is a fee charged by lenders when borrowers pay off their loan before the end of the term. Prepayment penalties are fees charged to borrowers for paying back their loans early. Typically, they don’t apply to individual payments-they are only charged when a borrower pays off a loan in its entirety.

Prepayment Definition & Example |. – Accordingly, prepayment can sometimes come with a penalty, People who invest in pass-through securities are also frequently concerned about prepayment.

12 CFR § 701.21 – Loans to members and lines of credit to. – (a) Statement of scope and purpose. Section 701.21 complements the provisions of section 107(5) of the Federal Credit Union Act (12 U.S.C. 1757(5)) authorizing Federal credit unions to make loans to members and issue lines of credit (including credit cards) to members. Section 107(5) of the Act contains limitations on matters such as loan maturity, rate of interest, security, and prepayment.