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Glossary of card game terms – Wikipedia – A few games or families of games have enough of their own specific terminology to warrant their own glossaries: For bridge, the Glossary of contract bridge terms which covers contract bridge, duplicate bridge, and auction bridge; some of the terms are also used in whist, bid whist, and other trick-taking games.

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Glossary of bridge terminology–A – University of Iowa – Abscissa: A term in rectangular coordinates referring to the horizontal distance of any point from the vertical axis. abutment: That part of a pier from which an arch springs. A structure sustaining one end of a bridge span and at the same time supporting the embankment which carries the track or roadway.

What is the Bridge of a Song? – Definition & Examples. – In terms of chord progressions, the bridge is often a direct contrast to the chorus. If the chorus focuses on major chords, the bridge will use minor chords. Sometimes the bridge is actually in a.

Glossary of bridge terminology–B – University of Iowa – Bridge-seat: That part of the top of a bridge pier or abutment that receives directly the pedestals or shoes of the superstructure. bridge stone: A flat stone bridging a gutter or other small opening. Bridge Tape: A strong flat wire divided by clips into feet, with the two end feet divided decimally. Bridge Truss: Any truss used in a bridge span.

Bridge Terms – Main Bridge Basics 1UB7 by Richard Pavlicek Bridge Terms. Artificial bid A bid that is not related to the named suit or notrump; examples are Stayman 2 and Blackwood 4 NT . Balanced A hand pattern with no singleton or void and at most one doubleton; i.e., 4-3-3-3, 4-4-3-2 or 5-3-3-2

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Glossary Of Terminology For Hydraulics & Scour – LRFD Suersedes Memo to Designers 1-23 Dated Octoer 2003. Glossary Of Terminology For Hydraulics & Scour. Definitions (refer to AASHTO LRFD-BDS-CA Section 2.2) Common terminology has been defined below for easy reference. Abutment Scour Abutment scour is essentially a.

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BUILDING BIG: Glossary – PBS – the vertical structure in a suspension bridge or cable-stayed bridge from which cables are hung; also used loosely as a synonym for the term skyscraper Truss –